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Community Pharmacy For Sale Greater London
Greater London - Community - ID 55917
Asking Price: £370,000
  • Standard 40 hour pharmacy in North London
  • Dispensing 3,713 items per month
  • Supported by a small OTC and clinical service income
  • Located in close proximity to a number of GP surgeries
  • Currently locum run
  • TenureLeasehold
  • Lease (p.a)iro £15,000
  • Turnover 2018£425,667
  • Profit 2018£21,106
  • Net Adjusted Profit£78,604
Internet Pharmacy For Sale Northamptonshire
Northamptonshire - Internet - ID 55590
Asking Price: £83,100
  • Internet pharmacy established in 2016
  • Dispenses c.2,380 items per month
  • Care homes serviced with scope to recruit more
  • Low running costs contribute to profitability
  • Scope to expand in to public patients, online OTC and services
  • TenureLeasehold
  • Lease (p.a)iro £7,719
  • Turnover 2019£256,827
  • Profit 2019£28,114
  • Net Adjusted Profit£33,240
Community Pharmacy For Sale Greater London
Greater London - Community - ID 54321
Asking Price: £700,000
  • Dispensing over 10,000 items per month
  • Superb location on a busy retail parade
  • Located immediately adjacent to an expanding GP practice
  • Strong OTC sales
  • Locum run pharmacy with huge scope for growth
  • TenureLeasehold
  • Lease (p.a)iro £65,000
  • Turnover 2019£1,240,559
Community Pharmacy For Sale Greater London
Greater London - Community - ID 54320
Asking Price: £1,550,000
  • Group of 2 pharmacies with a combined dispensing volume of 14,500 items
  • 2 pharmacies located 1.3 miles apart
  • 37% of income derived from OTC sales
  • Locum run pharmacies with huge potential for growth
  • Busy high street locations
  • *Please note 2017 figures are for an 8 month period
  • TenureLeasehold
  • Lease (p.a)iro £130,000
  • Turnover 2019£2,117,155
  • Profit 2019£91,056
  • Net Adjusted Profit£237,610
Community Pharmacy For Sale West Midlands
West Midlands - Community - ID 53718
Asking Price: £185,816
  • Opportunity to acquire a low-volume, standard hour pharmacy
  • Modern, attractive pharmacy fitted out to a high standard
  • Opportunity to grow the business through increased opening hours
  • Sales floor has not been fully utilised with OTC sales an area for immediate growth
  • The closet pharmacies are located 0.5 miles away.
  • Dispensing 2,093 items per month
  • TenureLeasehold
  • Lease (p.a)iro £6,600
  • Turnover 2019£251,318
  • Profit 2019£2,829
  • Net Adjusted Profit£33,785
Community Pharmacy For Sale Nottinghamshire
Nottinghamshire - Community - ID 53226
Asking Price: £260,000
  • Well established, standard hour pharmacy
  • Dispensing 2,064 items per month supported by OTC and service income
  • Located in close proximity to a number of medical practices
  • Large premises with good capacity for growth
  • Benefits from low staffing and establishment cost base
  • Would benefit from a full-time owner Pharmacist in place to drive the business forward
  • TenureLeasehold
  • Lease (p.a)iro £7,500
  • Turnover 2018£280,034
  • Profit 2018£37,430
  • Net Adjusted Profit£53,585
Internet Pharmacy For Sale West Midlands
West Midlands - Internet - ID 53197
Asking Price: £250,000
  • Established in 2011, this distance selling pharmacy has grown rapidly to generate a turnover in the region of a million pounds.
  • 4,779 items dispensed monthly
  • Profitability is increasing year-on-year
  • The owners are continuing to grow the business with a new care home due to join imminently
  • Large premises, with growth capacity available and fitted out to a high standard
  • 20% from loyal community patients (PCS) and the remaining 80% from care homes
  • TenureLeasehold
  • Lease (p.a)iro £8,320
  • Turnover 2019£964,975
  • Profit 2019£29,643
  • Net Adjusted Profit£68,463
Community Pharmacy For Sale Greater London
Greater London - Community - ID 52395
Asking Price: OIRO £295,000 plus SAV
  • Located in North London
  • Dispensing c2,519 items per month
  • Income supported by OTC, clinical services and trays
  • Located in densely populated residential area
  • Room to expand services in to advanced and private
  • Would benefit from owner occupier and marketing
  • Situated close to an underground station
  • Potential business growth for Saturday opening due to high demand
  • TenureLeasehold
  • Lease (p.a)iro £12,500
  • Turnover 2018£354,001
  • Profit 2018£69,029
  • Net Adjusted Profit£57,204
Internet Pharmacy For Sale Devon
Devon - Internet - ID 51937
Asking Price: £250,000
  • Dispensing 13,500 items per month
  • Potential to grow through NHS services
  • Dispensing systems have been recently changed for profitability
  • Situated in a large premises with capacity to expand operations
  • Primarily dispensing to care home patients
  • TenureLeasehold
  • Lease (p.a)iro £14,300
  • Turnover 2018£1,171,774
  • Net Adjusted Profit£80,323
Community Pharmacy For Sale Greater London
Greater London - Community - ID 51849
Asking Price: £130,872
  • The pharmacy is efficiently run and benefits from a low-cost base
  • c1,760 items per month dispensed
  • Opportunity to acquire a standard hour pharmacy in North London
  • Has scope to grow items through marketing activity
  • Located on a busy road with shop window frontage
  • TenureLeasehold
  • Lease (p.a)iro £12,000
  • Turnover 2018£231,584
  • Profit 201828,421
  • Net Adjusted Profit£22,760
Total 26 Pharmacies - Page 1 of 3

This agreement is in relation to MediEstates Limited introduction to a prospective sale of a business as a going concern. By registering through this agreement I agree to all terms set out below:

  1. To treat all information supplied by or on behalf of the Vendor in connection with the sale of the Business as confidential. Confidential information relates to: -the actual Vendors identity and all confidential information in respect of the Business; including but not limited to: any ideas, business methods, prices, accounts, finance, marketing, research, development, manpower plans, processes, market opportunities, intentions, design rights, product information, customer lists or details, employee's details, trade secrets, computer systems and software, and other matters connected with the products or services manufactured, marketed, provided or obtained by the Vendor, and information concerning the Vendor's relationships with actual or potential clients or customers and the needs and requirements of such clients' or customers' operations.
  2. Duties of Prospective Purchaser are:
    1. To take such reasonable security measures to protect the Confidential Information as it takes to protect its own confidential information.
    2. All communications are to be through MediEstates unless agreed.
    3. That they shall not, without the prior written consent of the Vendor, permit any of the Confidential Information to be disclosed, other than in confidence to its legal or professional advisers, to be copied or reproduced; to be commercially exploited in any way; to be used for any purpose other than in connection with the prospective purchase of the Business; and to pass outside the control of the Prospective Purchaser.
    4. The Prospective Purchaser must not jeopardise or re-direct the sale under any circumstances.
    5. That they will not contact any 3rd parties related to the business for which information has been provided, i.e. solicitor's, employees, accountants, clients.
    6. That they will not under any circumstances contact the Local Area Team or CCG regarding any business sale, by any means of media unless written permission has been granted by the current Vendor.
    7. To carry out own Due Diligence once any business purchase moves to forward, and accepts that MediEstates Ltd only supplies information provided by the vendor and is not responsible for its accuracy or completeness.
    8. To lodge a deposit held in a client account to secure a business sale and cease its marketing, which is refunded on completion.
    9. To not use any social media at all regarding business details.
  3. If you require finance to purchase your business, or need other financial services, MediEstates on your approval will refer you to an FA to assist you. MediEstates may be paid a fee for this service.
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